The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain’s continuation of Tom Sawyer follows the misadventures of Tom’s friend Huckleberry Finn and a runaway slave, Jim.
The story opens with Huck who is living with Widow Douglas and her sister Miss Watson. The sisters are trying to civilize and educate the unwilling Huck who is not happy with his new life of church, school, and manners. Right as Huck is coming to terms with this new lifestyle his drunken, abusive father returns and demands the boy’s money so that he can buy alcohol. Widow Douglas tries to keep Huck away from his father for several months but when she warns his father to stay away from her house he becomes enraged and kidnaps his son. Pap takes Huck to live in
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They then run into a thick fog and are separated when a steamboat runs over the raft. Huck escapes and finds himself at the kind Grangerfords, a southern aristocrat family who are locked in a terrible feud with their neighbors the Sheperdson’s. A deadly fight breaks out between the families while Huck is staying with them so he decides he must find a way out. He discovers that Jim has repaired the raft and the two flee quickly down the river. They resume with their journey but are soon entangled with two con artists that hop aboard their raft after being pursued by bandits. After a few small schemes the con artists decide to swindle an entire town out of their gold but the plan fails and, right as Huck and Jim are trying to get away, the con artists jump onto the raft to escape. Shortly after, they commit their worst crime when they sell Jim to a local farmer. The local farmer turns out to be Tom Sawyer’s uncle and Huck pretends to be Tom in order to free Jim. Tom shows up to the house and pretends to be his own younger brother and thinks up an unnecessarily elaborate plan to free Jim. They put their plan into action and free Jim but not before Tom getting shot in the leg and Jim having to take care of the boy in place of his freedom. When Tom recovers he admits to Huck that Jim has been a free man the entire time because Miss Watson set him free when she died. Huck is afraid that he will have to go back to living with his Pa but Jim sets
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