The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is “A Great American Novel”, because of its complexity and richness. Twain writes dialogue that brings his characters to life. He creates characters with unique voice and helps the reader connect to the book. Anyone who reads it is forced to develop feelings for each character. Even though there is a great amount of controversy over the use of some choices, such as the “n word”, it makes the book more realistic. In the beginning of the novel Huck, a white boy, plays tricks on Jim, a slave, symbolizing that Huck had no respect for slaves and blacks. As the novel progresses, Huck starts to see Jim as a human rather than property, which makes the book interesting, because of Huck’s change in morals. For instance chapter 31 he was questioning whether he should turn Jim in “ It would get around, that Huck Finn helped a nigger to get his freedom; and if I ever see anybody from that town, I’d be ready to get down and lick his boots for shame.”(199, Twain). Although Huck feels that it is his duty to help Jim, he questions his own intentions many time. Throughout the novel, Huck struggles between what he thinks is morally right and what society tells him is right. Twain constructs a parallelism between Huck’s enslavement from his abusive father and Jim’s enslavement due to slavery and, this upsets many people such as Julius Lester, “A boy held captive by a drunken father is not in the same category of human experience as a man
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