The Adventures of a Meteorologist

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When I was young, I used to watch some stars with my father through a telescope even though my father’s job was not related of researching the sky or space. Whenever I watched the movement of clouds and stars, I felt I totally absorbed in it more than anything what I had done ever. Sometimes I confused, however, that which career between a meteorologist and an astronomer is better and more interesting. Finally, I set my career goal firmly while studying more and detail. So, I set my career goal as a meteorologist when I was 14-year-old. Then it has taken for 7 years and my career goal is not changed at all.
What is a meteorologist? Usually, people don’t know what it is because this job is uncommon. And some people are confused with a forecaster who comes out every day in a News program to let us know the weather in this week. But, it is different that informing and researching of the weather. Meteorology is a science especially called atmospheric science and part of a larger filed. Also, It includes a number of areas of specialization. Then Meteorologists can be classified 4 parts of what they study; Climatology, Dynamic Meteorology, Physical Meteorology, Industrial Meteorology. Climatology is that studying the history even that is a couple of hours ago and patterns of the weather to research and predict more detail patterns of future weather. Dynamic Meteorology is that studying the movement of weather systems and what and how controls them. Physical

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