The Advertisement Of Carl Jr.

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Advertisements are everywhere these days and can be extremely annoying. They will try and get people to buy anything from food to cars and everything else in between. Advertisements have also started to rely heavily on the sexual elements to sell its products. An example of this advertisement would be the ad for Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s. In this ad, it features Paris Hilton standing in a very seductive way holding a cheeseburger. She takes up half of the ad while the other half is of the actual product with some text. Carl’s Jr. started these racy ads back in 2005 and are known to feature models in bikinis in their advertisements to try and attract younger men. This advertisement heavily relies on sexual appeal to sell its products by using a very sexy and provocative Paris Hilton and using double entendre in its text.
The intended audience for this Carl’s Jr. Ad is men and only men. This advertisement uses a lot of sexual elements to get men to go to any local Carl’s Jr. and buy themselves a burger. A way that this ad captures the audience is by using pathos. The main part of the pathos appeal is with the sex appeal of Paris Hilton in the photo. They are trying to connect to the emotional side of men. By using Paris Hilton as one of the main focuses, the advertisement can lead men to think that by eating at Carl’s Jr. they can get themselves a woman like Paris Hilton, but if you have ever gone to a Carl’s Jr. before, that is clearly not the case. Another way they are trying
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