The Advertisement Of The Nike Advertisement Essay

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In today’s time we come across a vast amount of advertising using various forms such as outdoor billboards, print advertisements, TV commercials and online advertisements. Advertising is a very common means of getting customers to see one’s message, brand and product. However, it is apparent that advertising is intentionally deceptive in the sense that it tries to prey on one’s weaknesses as a human being. For example, beer commercials constantly use sex appeal with attractive women to charm men and perfume commercials use the idea that their product will bring women the love that they have so long desired. Likewise in the Nike advertisement featuring Serena Williams, the advertisers use vivid visual elements to convey the idea that Nike products will make the consumer popular, athletic, beautiful, skilled, talented, hardworking and ultimately successful. This definition of Nike is achieved through the use of the famous athlete, the words of the ad, her facial expression, her stance and the background scenery. One effective element in this ad is the genius use of Serena Williams. The use of her conveys popularity, success, skilled and beauty. She is perhaps the most famous tennis player amongst men and women. She is one who can actually say “ball is life.” Amazingly, Serena has been a professional tennis player since the age of 14. She is currently 33 years old, which means she has been playing tennis longer than she hasn’t been playing. Serena is currently ranked number 1

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