The Advertisements For Gucci 's Perfume And Calvin Klein

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According to Miya Yamanouchi, the author of Embrace Your Sexual Self, “Both men and women experience pressure to conform to social standards of attractiveness. Men to look strong and be tough, women to look pretty and soft.” Stereotypes affect every gender in the society because people have a prejudice on themselves and others. In “Men’s Men and Women’s Women,” written by Steve Craig, addresses the expectations that the society places on men and women. For instance, men must be masculine and wealthy and women must have a perfect body shape with beautiful facial features to be considered as attractive. Nowadays, the advertisements are taking advantage of such a social norm to lure consumers to purchase their goods. The advertisements for Gucci’s perfume and Calvin Klein’s cologne are especially good examples to demonstrate such pressure and reflect the consumers’ psychological behavior. The advertisements highlight gender stereotypes through utilizing the impression of opposite sex and incorporate an underlying sense of sexism through the designs of the backgrounds, the purpose of wearing fragrances and the reinforcements on Women’s Men and Men’s Men; these advertisements contribute to the consumers’ perception of their physical appearance by delivering a fraudulent image of perfection through their models. The effects of the chosen background designs of Gucci’s and Calvin Klein’s advertisements influence the focus of the subjects in the promotions, consequently targeting the

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