The Advertising Strategy Of The Advertising Campaign For Teens

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One think as parents worry about; well great parents, is about their kids safely and wellbeing. Parents aren’t constantly watching their teens/tweens daily actively. Like many other parents, we trust that our kids are doing the right thing. Failure not check, could cause you your teen/tweens, lost in a world full of inappropriate data usage. One of the greatest electronic company LG conducted a campaign in hopes to changing teens mindset or attitude as it relates to inappropriate use of communication electronically. Here stand limited serious mechanisms of this case study that must be similarly well-thought-out when planning an actual advertising campaign for this wonderful electronic company LG Mobile. Foremost, the product has specified that the purpose of the great movement is to growth their product worth and inspire teens and tweens to relate with their brand which is the LG Mobile phone product, though concurrently rising awareness around possible insensible actions such as mean or inappropriate texting. Since, LG mobile has little television resources then their focus should be on social sites platforms or networks. This type of marketing would be most beneficial advertising approach, and more importantly it could cost them less money than advertising through television. With so many ways to network among tweens/teens and adults, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are the ones that teens really gravitate to. Twitter currently have over 328 million active users, which rank them 9th within the social network industry. Although it has little message capabilities, it seems to be popular. Teens at times have very little attention span and this is primary the reason that teens are attracted to it. This method of networking is extremely attractive to almost anyone with over 6,000 tweets basically every second. Facebook is another popular site that teens regular visit, and have a remarkable 2 billion monthly active users, and happen to be the world largest social media platform, how amazing is that! Base on research these social networking sites are extremely effective when used to strengthen a product faithfulness and loyalty. “Social media sites provide a great way to network and it also provides a creative

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