The Advice For A High Level Of Advice

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These are some of the cautions that were revealed through this assessment for me: The advice characteristics shows a desire to seek considerable amounts of advice. This was a known for me and it was born out of a need to do things right without error, and trying to make sure that I do not fail. I have learned that when trying to succeed and accomplish goals, there will be times of failure. This is the way that people learn and improve. If you are in a position, where you can get feedback to help you realize your mistakes. Feedback is also important in that regard to incorporate counsel, so that proper corrections can be made. The concern with a person that operate with the need of a high level of advice is the individual will delay making decisions. This is ok for some situations, but sometimes a decision with have to be made right away. I realize with this being one of my methods of operation, I will have to practice making decisions on the fly, in order to become more comfortable making decisions without being advised. I will learn to use this as a strength, by staying up on what current in my field, therefore I will be confident in my own decisions. The second caution that was revealed from the assessment is the process creativity, which said that I prefer to stick to standard rules and practices, when implementing solutions to problems rather than shifting processes to achieve solutions. This is accurate, but the other side is I do like to follow a plan that is already
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