The Aeneid And The Pax Romana

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The epic poem The Aeneid; written by Virgil in the heights of the Pax Romana in AD 29. The poems give a summary of the history of the Trojans who has fled their home land Troy, after the invasion of the Greeks. Aeneas and his men must now travel to the land of Italy, were they will become founding fathers of the great Roman Empire. This is voyage is lead extremely by Aeneas fate in the gods and the notable characteristics of Aeneas which is piety and obedience to the will of the gods. The fate of Aeneas is tested throughout his voyage to the city of Rome; he encounters numerous strife’s which includes the death of his father Anchises; the constant obstacles posed by Juno and his new found love, Dido, the queen of Carthage. The women in Virgils Aeneid are depicted as very emotional and quick to react. This essay on The Aeneid will give an extensive view on the three main female characters in the Aeneid; Dido, Venus and Juno and how women are not suitable for the powerful roles, because these female characters allow their emotions to not only show their reactions/behavior but also influence their decisions as well. An examination of the theme of rage showed by these women will also be discussed. The women in The Aeneid allow their emotions to dictate their reactions and decision by either their love for someone or for a particular place. In Book I of the The Aeneid we are introduced to the character of Dido. We are introduced to a strong and proficient…
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