The Aeneid By Virgil. Johan Sunesson

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The Aeneid by Virgil

Johan Sunesson

The Aeneid, written around 20 BC is widely considered to be virgil’s greatest work. The Aeneid is a epic poem, following the adventures of the great Aeneas, as well as the central role he played in the founding of the Roman State. The character of Aeneas had been a known legend long before the Aeneid was composed, having been a character in the Iliad. Virgil took the myth of Aeneas and tied him together with the founding of the Roman State.

Aeneas is both a hero of Rome and to Troy. He is the alleged son of Aphrodite and Anchises Aeneas was there at the siege of Troy, helping the Trojans defend the city from the Greeks, along with his cousin Hector. Some suggestions arose about how Aeneas in
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They organize a few celebratory games on the anniversary of Aeneas father 's death. A boxing match, a boat race, and a foot race. Still infuriated at the pending foundation of Rome, a few of the gods command the women of the group to burn down the fleet, preventing the Trojans from ever reaching Italy. But Jupiter intervenes and brings upon them a massive rainstorm, quenching the flames and saving the Trojans.
Aeneas father comes to him in a vision and commands him to travel to the underworld, wherein he receives yet another vision, this one anticipating the future of Aeneas and his people Carthage, and that of the Roman state itself.
Our hero returns from the world of the dead, and yet again looks to his destiny and sets sail to Italy. They arrive in the land of the Latins, Latium. Once again Aeneas finds himself with womanly problems. He is courting the princess Lavinia, daughter of the king Latinus. Latinus does not approve, and matters escalate into hostilities, and Aeneas finds himself looking for allies in an upcoming war against the Latins.
He finds them in enemies of the Latins. Notably the Tuscans and the Arcadians agree to march with the Trojan forces.
Battle ensues, with the Trojans, Tuscans and Arcadians finding the most victories across the land. In a futile attempt to save the Latin people, Mezentius, a latin warrior, offers to face Aeneas in single combat. He is beaten by Aeneas, but the Latins dishonor the agreement and keep on fighting the Trojans.

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