The Affair Between Charlotte And Rodney

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The affair between Charlotte and Rodney was a dull one until they began killing each other. Within the play 7 Stories by Morris Panych, the character Charlotte outlines in a particularly insightful monologue how the energy of her affair with Rodney had deteriorated to a state where the couple got so tired of one another, they began to hate each other. Thus, to rid themselves of the uniformity of their days, they began to play at murdering one another. This may seem to be a strange practice, but in fact the role playing that these two do infuses the relationship with new energy – by this escape from reality, the couple found a way to enjoy being together again. Characters trying to escape reality is something that is seen multiple times in the play. Michael Merchant, the second rate actor, has transformed himself into Marshall, soon to marry and become a multimillionaire. Most importantly for the story as a whole is the (symbolically) unnamed man, contemplating escaping from his unbearably dull and boring life by means of the ultimate escape: suicide. As this speech by Charlotte tells us, escaping reality can be a liberating experience, but one that can have potentially dire consequences.
When Charlotte talks about her relationship with “Rodney the boring lawyer”, she uses the word “zombies” to describe how the two of them acted and felt in the past (P# 37). A zombie is a creature that is devoid of life, acting only when prompted and otherwise doing nought but standing around…
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