The Affect of Censorship Essay

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More literature and media should be censored for the public’s eyes. Children of recent years have been subjected to crude television that isn’t properly censored and could potentially influence them to act in unacceptable manners. Censorship is the act of suppressing unacceptable parts of literature and media. It is very often that censorship is used with literature or media because many people see parts of them that are inappropriate in their perspective. When people see them, they are disgusted and wish they didn't see what they had. Many who are opposed to censorship say that the censoring is a violation of the first amendment of the constitution, which states "Congress shall make no law...abridging freedom of speech, or of the…show more content…
Censorship needs to be used for these types of things in order to protect children from seeing things that may confuse them at such a young age (“Internet filtering…”). Video games are another source for children see violence and sexual content. While there are ratings on the video games, they are still fairly easy to obtain as long as someone over the age limit can obtain it for the children. Once it is in the children’s hands, they are objected to many different types of unsuitable content. At that point in censorship, parents need to watch their children being sure that they aren’t subjected to something that they aren’t mentally ready for (“Video Games…”) Music is another one of the many things that should be censored for the public. Hip-hop is a popular music style that is usually recognized by rhyming lyrics over a catchy beat. Originating from the streets of New York City in the 1970s, the music style has had a great influence on the surrounding arts. Politics and the economy have been impacted upon by hip-hop. The music sprouted from rap music in the most recent years. Hip-hop has also influenced fashion, dance, television programs and many films. However, it has influence the youth of America the most. Parents, teachers, politicians, and social critics fear that the lyrics are teaching children to misbehave. The rap music is thought to glorify the life of drugs, sex, and murder. Because so many younger teens listen to it, the
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