The Affect of Change in Leadership

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The Affect of Change in Leadership David Downin Dr. Sam Sanders Abstract Leadership is an area of growth. The person in a leadership position is set to guide the minds of the people beneath him or her. The only way that a leader can do that is by living vicariously through the members’ work experiences and remaining positive. A positive leader is motivated for successes and failures and encourages his team members to do the same. His or her…show more content…
The members of the group or department report to a authority. There are two departments: Web Development and Logistics. Each department specializes in its specific area and communicates changes but does not function across teams. Because of the minimal collaboration between the two teams there is a sub-culture that drastically affects the maintenance of the dominant culture. The communication and influence between James Argyle and the two teams is probably more dominant than any other manager on the staff. Mr. Adam Serle has less of an influence on the logistics team, which creates a barrier in production between what he expects and what is implemented. The current informal communication system is a blockade for the COO. The objective of the CEO, and the COO are being completely disturbed by this line of communication. The job of upper management is to reorganize the system or break the barrier in the line of communication. Rather it is through an addition of employees, restructuring of the system, or re-strategizing of company objectives that the staff of S&F Online must prevail to remain relevant. Restructuring and Re-strategizing The current structure does not allow for [a true transparency between departments. Therefore, it is better fit if the manager of logistics, Brian Kervor, hires additional members of the logistics team to match the number of members on the web development team. The
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