The Affects of Methamphetamines

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Sometimes people forget that methamphetamine hurts not only individuals, but families, neighborhoods and entire communities as well. You might not be using methamphetamine or know anyone who is - but that doesn't mean it's not having an effect on you. A methamphetamine lab can operate unnoticed in a neighborhood for years, causing serious health hazards to everyone around. The problems with meth are widespread. Children and the general public may be affected by the fumes from meth labs operating in or near their homes. The prison system is overwhelmed by the needs of incarcerated meth users. Hospital emergency departments (ED) report that meth is a significant drug problem. The cost of meth labs to society is large. A study done by the University of Arkansas found the cost to prevent abuse in one county to be around $20 million. Although many measures have been placed, abuse has been steadily increasing. In 2003, there was a 68% increase in workers who tested positive. Surprisingly, over 70% of users are actively employed. In particular, the lab problem is growing significantly in the Midwest and Mid Atlantic areas since they migrated from California in the early 80s. The popular meth production method known as the “shake and bake” liter bottle method results in serious burns. To prevent seizures by officers, meth labs are frequently guarded by attack dogs. Many labs are found in secluded areas and hikers and campers have been shot after accidentally coming across them.
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