The Affects of Temperature on Amount of Oxygen, Mung Beans (Vigna Radiata) Consume During Cellular Respiration

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Amount of Oxygen, Mung Beans (Vigna Radiata) Consume during Cellular Respiration


Cellular respiration is a catabolic reaction that refers to the process of converting chemical energy of organic molecules into a simplify form so it can be used immediately by organism. Glucose may be oxidized completely if sufficient oxygen is available, by the following equation:
C6H12O6 + 36 ADP + 36Pi + 6O2(g) 6 H2O + 6 CO2(g) + 38 ATP + heat
All organisms, including plants and animals, oxidize glucose for energy. Often, this energy is used to convert ADP and phosphate into ATP. The process of complete oxidation involves glycolysis, Krebs cycle and electron transport chain. Besides ATP, pyruvate molecules, NADH and FADH2 will be
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The data taken from the lower end of the KOH column were recorded in a table. When the KOH in the control, shifted away from zero, the differences were recorded and adjusted in the data table. For accuracy purposes, the measure in the control tube, that had deviated from zero, was added and deducted, from the data of the Mung bean seeds. The syringe was then adjusted so that KOH was seated at zero, at all times (Daynk, 2012).
When the final readings were recorded, the stoppers were removed. The Mung beans seeds were carefully removed as well and weighed on the scale. All data from the 5-minute interval at 40 minutes total, were recorded. This included both treatments. The means of the data were taken down and plotted into a line graph. The slope of the lines were calculated and presented in figure 1.


Figure 1 shows 2 linear lines of best fit, with line y = .56 being treated with 200 c. Where as, line y = 0.29 was treated with 100 c. It shows a positive correlation between incubation time and the volume of oxygen consumption. The weight specific respiration for the germinating Mung bean seeds on the 200 c treatment was 116.28 ml h-1 kg -1. . Where as, with the 100 c treatment, the weight specific respiration was 60.98 ml h -1 kg -1. Line y = 0.56 has a steeper slope than line y = 0.29. A higher temperature treatment of 200 c has higher consumption of
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