The Affirmative Of Affirmative Action Essay

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Many affirmative action efforts have been made since the end of the Civil War in order to remedy the results of hundreds of years of slavery, segregation and denial of opportunity for groups that face discrimination. Many African Americans such as President Barack Obama, Senator Cory Booker, the writer Toni Morrison, the literary scholar Henry Louis Gates, media star Oprah Winfrey, and rap star Jay-Z have achieved positions of power and influence in the wider society (Giddens, Duneier, Appelbaum, Carr). However, today blacks and other minorities are still more likely to live in poverty, be killed by the police, attend poor schools, and have unequal economic opportunities. This object of this paper is to understand why affirmative action is still needed in the United State by discussing the differences between whites’ and racial/ethnic minorities’ access to education and employment. Racial Inequality in Educational Attainment in America Historically, African-American, Latino and Native American students were educated in wholly segregated schools whose funding rates were several times lower than schools made up of all white students. These minority students were also being excluded from many higher institutions (Darling-Hammond). This happened until legal segregation came to an end in the 1960s and many efforts were made to equalize school funding. These efforts have made a substantial difference for student achievement and significantly narrowed minority and white

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