The Affordability Problem Of Washington State

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The affordability problem is across all states and largely affects the working wage earners and below.(Housing Needs Assessment, 2015 booklet page 297) This is because throughout the nation there is a large differences between minimum wage, housing wage, and the affordable units available. As noted earlier in the essay, King County is experiencing a huge affordable housing Crisis. The 2015 Housing Needs Assessment indicated that there are only 28 affordable units for every 100 extremely cost burden families. Washington State is short in 166,058 affordable units, 2015. With Seattle economy and populations growing each year these affordable units are necessary to maintain the working class. In many states such as Washington, the housing wage is twice as much as the minimum wage per hour creating a population of cost burdened residents. In the state of Washington there are 353,472 households that are severely cost burdened creating a large gap between the 100,098 affordable units that are available creating the 253,375 units still needed. To afford a market priced two bedroom apartment in Washington, an individual needs to work 115 hours a month with a minimum wage $ 9.47 to pay the average rent of $1089 per month. (Housing Development, 2015 page 2015) The difference between minimum wage and housing wage is even more distinct in King County and Seattle. King County minimum wage is $11 per hour with a housing wage of $27.21 per hour. For working wage individuals in Seattle
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