The Affordable Care Act (Aca), Also Known As Obamacare,

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as ObamaCare, is a healthcare reform law that focus on providing more Americans with access to affordable health insurance. “The ACA is expected to add 32 million people seeking primary and preventive service and treatment” ( It was first enacted by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The act has offered a number of people with benefits, set up a place they can purchase health insurance, expanded the use of Medicaid and Medicare to the disabled and senior citizens. The Act has forced many employers to offer coverage to their employees. Despite all of the positive attributes this act has provided, there is a flip side to it. Americans are required to have health…show more content…
Patients and given sub optimal care, are discharged prematurely, and end up getting readmitted due to not initially receiving the proper care.
With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, a rise in patient care was expected however there were several factors that weren’t expected. One such factor was the number of patients that had chronic illnesses that had been ignored for so long due to not having insurance. The care for these critically ill patients caused an increased strain on nurses and other health care professionals. The increased stress on workers caused them to consider an alternative career. Workplace stress is has contributed to an increase amount of depression and burnout in nurses, which caused a ripple effects of call outs, nurse shortage, and more burnout. Another factor that was not considered was the increased amount of paperwork that has been added. According to the new regulations of the Affordable Care Act, “190 million additional hours of paperwork annually” ( has been added which inadvertently has reduced the amount of one on one patient time. This again, is another factor that will contribute to the burnout of the healthcare professionals.
“Registered Nurses represents the largest profession within the U.S. Health workforce” ( The need for registered nurses will continue to grow and the RN with the strongest skill set will be chosen for the job over a candidate who only has formal
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