Examples Of Trends In Health Care

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Executive Summary Healthcare has undergone an unprecedented level of change over the past decade and this change ongoing due to various driving forces. These include changing demographics, increased competition, and growing number of ageing population, new technologies, ever rising costs, and a limited federal government role. The most important driving factor in this new era of the U.S healthcare is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Electronic Health Record (EHR).Therefore, forecasting, the future of healthcare is unpredictable at the rate these trends keep affecting the direction of the overall health care system. All the above trends are challenging for policy makers in the coming years, as finding an effective way to balance all…show more content…
Some of these trends include. Some, of these trends include: Ageing Population An approximate 10,000 or more elderly are expected to retire on a daily basis for the next decade and beyond. These trends would mean a lot not only for the labor force and economic growth but also the major impact for healthcare; considering the dynamics of the demographics and the expenditure on health care services. It is estimated that about 12.6 percent of the U.S. population, account for 1/3 of the nation 's annual healthcare expenditures, while the Per capita expenditures on Americans 65 and older are four times as much as on those under the age of 65(Binstock,1993 ). This means that long term care is more than doubled as more people retire with at least one chronic disease. Managing long-term care (LTC) delivery systems and other entitlement programs is a pressing concern for policy makers as pharmaceutical cost in 2015 alone rose to 10.4% (Healthcare report, 2011). LTC reimbursement, providing service delivery and expanding the healthcare workforce is a tasking duty for the health administration as careful implementation for policy is needed to afford overspending and putting excess strain on the healthcare budget. Recommendation for managing Ageing population Clearly, the increase in baby boomers and gross domestic percentage of government spending to deliver care is putting a strain of
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