The Affordable Care Act ( Aca ) And The Electronic Health Record ( Ehr ).therefore

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Executive Summary
Healthcare has undergone an unprecedented level of change over the past decade and this change ongoing due to various driving forces. These include changing demographics, increased competition, and growing number of ageing population, new technologies, ever rising costs, and a limited federal government role. The most important driving factor in this new era of the U.S healthcare is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Electronic Health Record (EHR).Therefore, forecasting, the future of healthcare is unpredictable at the rate these trends keep affecting the direction of the overall health care system. All the above trends are challenging for policy makers in the coming years, as finding an effective way to balance all these trends effectively. In addition to the above, new and reemerging issues such as disease outbreak that will continue to add to the numerous challenges already facing the system, posing unprecedented challenges for policymakers and healthcare administrators. With all the numerous problems the greatest challenge with the U.S health care system is how to effectively manage the already fragile system as these trends can have an overlapping effect on overall cost, quality and access to healthcare. Managing the already crumbing system takes effective management of workable policies and elimination of degrading forces within the system that would lead to a set back and wastage. This paper analyzes recent trends affecting the healthcare system…

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