The Affordable Care Act ( Aca )

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“We will be moving further away from humanity-based health care and more towards the patient as a commodity. This was not the way my father practiced—nor will I (The Doctors).” This quote, from a surgeon in Michigan, was only one of many quotes gathered by The Doctors Company, which is the largest insurer of physician and surgeon medical liability in the nation, when they asked over 5,100 doctors about their thoughts on different aspects of Health Care Reform. American health care reform is something nearly seventy-five years in the making; since Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. presidents have struggled to enact health care reform, and most failed (Health Affairs). In September 2009, President Barrack Obama addressed Congress with his proposed…show more content…
One thought in this Act was that if the government could mandate healthy uninsured Americans to pay into a health insurance plan, the overall cost of health care would go down. Because this loss of revenue forces health care providers to raise their rates; money coming into the health care system has to equal money going out. If health care was mandated, U.S. citizens would no longer be able to wait until they became sick or got hurt to then buy insurance, shifting the costs onto everyone else who was already insured. Many other glaring needs of health care reform were addressed through the ACA, but I want to focus on three main ripple effects that I believe need to be tackled in order to create a more well-balanced, consumer friendly health insurance market. 1) The amount of quality health insurance plans in America is dramatically decreasing: Health insurance used to be readily available in tiers; the highest tier, being the most comprehensive, had the highest monthly premium, but a low deductible (a patient’s out-of-pocket costs for surgeries, emergency visits, etc.). While the lower tier, which offered basic health care for routine visits, had a higher deductible. Today, insurance companies are being forced to offer “more affordable” plans,
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