The Affordable Care Act ( Aca )

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“We will be moving further away from humanity-based health care and more towards the patient as a commodity. This was not the way my father practiced—nor will I.” This quote, from a surgeon in Michigan, was only one of many quotes gathered by The Doctors Company, which is the largest insurer of physician and surgeon medical liability in the nation, when they asked over 5,100 doctors about their thoughts on different aspects of Health Care Reform. American health care reform is something that was nearly seventy-five years in the making; since Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. presidents have struggled to enact health care reform, and most failed (Health Affairs). In September of 2009, President Barrack Obama addressed Congress with his proposed solution, it was called The Affordable Care Act (ACA). In this Act, Obama attempted to address a need most every American desired: to keep health insurance companies accountable for their customers’ health by preventing the companies from dropping someone from their plan, or denying their policyholders health insurance coverage if they had a pre-existing medical condition. The ACA also implemented an individual mandate which required almost all U.S. citizens and legal residents of America to carry health insurance coverage, or they would be subject to a fine.

Although President Obama was able to identify that there was a large percentage of uninsured Americans who were in good health, and there was a fair share of citizens who could no…

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