The Affordable Care Act ( Aca ) Or Obamacare

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Contemporary Healthcare On March 23, 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare” was signed and put into effect (DiMichele, 2017). From then to now, many people in the United States are split from fully agreeing to completely against this certain reform. Throughout different types of research and speaking to an interviewee, I have found multiple reasons that the ACA is good and why it can be bad (or Pros and Cons). One important pro that I found was that with Obamacare, anyone can have the choice of their own Physician or place of care for their needs, then just being able to get care from an Emergency Room (ASPA, 2015). This lets the patient have more freedom to make their own decisions based on their own healthcare and what they…show more content…
This idea would in turn help alleviate the high health care costs (Weber, 2016). Allowing all people flexibility and the choice of what they want is one of the first outcomes that should be changed for the ACA, to truly work and benefit in the best possible way. With this idea, the fine in which people must pay if they choose to not obtain health care insurance, should completely be taken away for reasons of freedom of choice and to decrease the high costs for people who do choose to get their own healthcare insurance. When reading what the new President-Elects stance is on Obamacare, I would agree with some very interesting statements. Although President-Elect Donald Trump is highly against the ACA, he states points in which could keep the ACA while also fixing it. He mentions on his presidential website on his position of Obamacare (Healthcare Reform) that we should allow the people to look and choose the best plans that they wish to receive regardless of the state that they reside. He has ideas for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) which would be essentially tax free, and a great start for a healthy, young family (Healthcare Reform). The ideas that Mr. Trump should somewhat fix this problem could actually be good for the United States. In my eyes, eliminating Obamacare altogether may not be a good idea, because there is a lot of good that it brings the people. But, in a fixing way
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