The Affordable Care Act ( Aca )

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is commonly known by the unofficial name of ObamaCare is an American healthcare transformation law of the land, expanding and improving access to care, while minimizing spending through government regulation and taxes. This health care insurance aims at protecting the patients and modifying health since it was signed into law by President Obama on 03/23/2010. By reforming healthcare infrastructure and introducing new initiatives mainly focused on excellence and provision of satisfactory health coverage to American citizens, ACA became United States leader in health care industry, elevating existing standards in other health care provider companies. Additionally, this healthcare law is extensive and addresses different features in the healthcare disaster. This paper discusses the how ACA is ready to take care of American citizens in the next decade, ACA issues pertaining to network growth strategies, it also discusses issues pertaining to nurse staffing, and resource management. Last but not least, this article illustrates the issues pertaining to patient satisfaction.
ACA Addressing Health Care Needs of Citizens in the Next Decade
The main reason why this healthcare reform was started is to be able provide most of the Americans citizens with health insurance they can afford and to improve health. In addition, there was a need to normalization of the insurance business and to reduce the health care expenses in the United States (US). ACA…

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