The Affordable Care Act ( Aca )

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the most significant health care legislation reform in the United States since the passing of Medicare and Medicaid (Russell Sage Foundation, n.d.). Changes in healthcare delivery affect consumers, insurance companies, healthcare providers, and policy makers. Several factors provoked this monumental change in health care. Social, political, and economic forces drive change in the United States healthcare system. Within these categories, scarcity, a changing demography, and interests groups have a profound influence on how we view health care and which policies are enacted. Scarcity The health care system in America has inherent scarcity, as there are not enough health resources to meet all of the health…show more content…
The 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccination shortage demonstrates how scarcity affects these stakeholders. In 2009 a new flu strain appeared that scientists did not predict. Researchers rushed to discover a new vaccine, and once they did, there was a limited amount of vaccine (Barr, 2011). The Center for Disease Control and Prevention was tasked with creating a prioritized list for the vaccine, which included the elderly, pregnant women, caretakers of young children, young children, young adults, and medical personnel (Barr, 2011). Obviously, the shortage meant that not every consumer was able to have equal access to the flu vaccination. Providers were affected in that they had to explain the shortage to individuals. Meanwhile, policy makers and the CDC were tasked with quickly creating policy to help those at most risk of getting the H1N1 flu strain. Additionally, scarcity affects how people view health care in a general sense. Many critics of the Affordable Care Act maintain that it creates a new increase in overall healthcare expenditures (Barr, 2011). Yet while addressing this issue of access, it also raised new questions about costs in the short term (Barr, 2011). It is very difficult to convince consumers that a rise in price in the short term will be beneficial in the long term. The ACA tampered with the set health ‘square’ by increasing access for all Americans. It
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