The Affordable Care Act Amends The Flsa ( Fair Labor Standards Act )

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Introduction Section 4207 of the Affordable Care Act amends the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)- Break Time for Nursing Mothers Provisions Breastfeeding is one of the best methods for providing infants with a healthy start to life. Breast milk helps the body fight off various bacteria and viruses that one’s child might be at risk for catching. Breastfed babies are thirty-six percent less likely to die from sudden infant death syndrome and are fifty-five percent likely to become obese later in life, compared to babies who are not breastfeed. (Workplace and Public Accommodations for Nursing Mothers, 2016) Not only is the child benefiting from breastfeeding, the mother is as well. Women who breastfeed are more likely to revert to their…show more content…
Target Description This law is a federal law, so I would want to reach out to the federal legislator Joe Donnelley. Defining the Problem/ Assemble the Evidence This law was intended to help new mothers, but there are still gaps in this law. Some issues come from accessibility, coverage, and support. The Affordable Care Act requires employers to provide mothers that are breastfeeding with a reasonable time and a space to express their milk. Unfortunately, only forty percent of women returned to work with these accommodations. I believe this is an issue because forty percent is an extremely small number and if this is a law, then that mean that various employers are not giving nursing mothers the accommodation that they are supposed to have. Women are also facing challenges with getting lactation support for no expense, which is supposed to be covered under their insurance. Why pass a law to help nursing mothers if there are no records of mothers having access to it? It is important for most mothers that their child is healthy and it is not fair to tell them they have access to something that employers aren’t giving them. Only six states have passed laws expanding workplace breastfeeding accommodations to additional employees or extending requirements for employers. I believe that extending the requirements for employers to make sure nursing mothers are getting the time and the place is extremely important because it makes

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