The Affordable Care Act And Population Health

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Health care spending grew 3.7 percent in 2012 and the traditional way medicine was practiced had to change (Edlin, Goldman & Leive, 2014). The Affordable Care Act and Population Health was designed based on the concept of “The Triple Aim” to foster change in patient care by providing better care for individuals, better health for populations and decrease the cost of health through improved care (Perez, 2014). As a result, population management has moved to the front by linking services, reducing hospital admission, risk stratification, pursing preventive medicine, ensuring medication review and lowering health care cost. Several organizations have follow in the pursuit of population management by forming Accountable Care Organizations…show more content…
In some areas of population health, technology in enhanced patient information is utilized to perform risk stratification to identify the high risk patients. These patient’s often have uncontrolled BP, diabetes with an HgbA1c over 9, COPD, etc. Once identified as high risk or potential high risk, these patients receive additional care or patient outreach to help manage their condition. Some organizations employee RN Health Coaches and Care Coordination teams to help these patients and identify gaps in care. The primary care physician assumes care of the patient along with striving for the patient to become active in their overall health thereby keeping them out of the hospital (Sanford, 2013). One enhanced area of population management is the PCMH model. PCMH practices increase patient’s engagement in shared decision making while providing compensation for care coordination, care management and medical consultation outside of traditional face-to-face visits (Berryman, Palmer, Kohl &Parham, 2013). A patient centered approach pushes for changes not only in the delivery of medicine but in traditional encounters. In addition, PCMH encourages increased access to the patient’s primary care physicians and improved patient satisfaction scores. PCMH and population health encourages providers to increase after hours care to decrease emergency department visits and/or hospitalizations. Thereby reducing cost and improving the patient’s
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