The Affordable Care Act

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The citizens of the United States are burdened with many hardships. Most of these hardships stem from poor political policies and programs set forth by past politicians. However, politicians cannot be the only blame. This country is relatively young. Our political policies are still in somewhat of a “beta” period. We only learn from trial and error. This country is in the middle of a political shift. Now is the time to make the necessary changes to mold and shape our future society for the better. Far too long have Americans been denied basic necessities such as education, food, employment, and most importantly healthcare. The healthcare crisis has been the topic of debate for many years among politicians across all the governmental factions. The catalyst applying the brake on healthcare progress has been a strong division of politicians on what is ethical and what is legal when it comes to the government putting its foot in the door. Along with that debate there is also whether or not the government should do anything at all or just let the private sector and the citizens hash it out. Throughout U.S. history many attempts have been made to reform our healthcare system to no avail. Healthcare reform is clearly an issue that takes great socioeconomic knowledge and political tact. President Barack Obama is the first president to present us with such a plan. This plan is known as The Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” (a term coined by a group of Republicans to disenfranchise

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