The Affordable Care Act Is A Big Item

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The Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010 to make sure that most people had medical insurance. With this new healthcare system came the responsibility that individuals would have to take initiatives to try to stay or get healthy. The preventative care portion included in the Affordable Car Act is a big item and very important in health care reform and very positive for the American people. Wellness in the workplace has become a very important issue to help reduce companies medical cost, and to help employees get on track to know their numbers, get healthy, and have a positive healthy mental attitude. Many employees do not understand or know how to get healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. With the rising cost of healthcare relating to…show more content…
Getting different levels of management and employees involved on the wellness team will provide many different ideas and activities that can be done in the workplace. Have IT test systems that will be used in tracking events so there are no system problems. Some programs have measurable results and some do not, if you are testing hoping for measurable results use factors that can produce the best results. Communication of wellness activities is important in the workplace. In order to get employees involved in the wellness programs that a company has to offer, many times wellness teams in addition to promoting a regular fitness routine, they will hold a variety of competitions that could include weight loss competitions for a certain period of time. Other competitions may be available for employees who cannot exercise due to physical complications. Wellbeing in the workplace can also include preventive care webinars, stress management seminars; financial 401K planning for the future, smoking cessation, community opportunities and getting involved in charitable events. Some companies are bringing chair massages into the workplace. Some employers believe it makes employees happy, is a stress release, and spiritual uplift. Many companies today are
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