The Affordable Care Act Is A Big Item

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The Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010 to make sure that most people had medical insurance. With this new healthcare system came the responsibility that individuals would have to take initiatives to try to stay or get healthy. The preventative care portion included in the Affordable Car Act is a big item and very important in health care reform and very positive for the American people. Wellness in the workplace has become a very important issue to help reduce companies medical cost, and to help employees get on track to know their numbers, get healthy, and have a positive healthy mental attitude. Many employees do not understand or know how to get healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. With the rising cost of healthcare relating to people not taking care of their bodies, wellness in the workplace has become even more critical. Lori Breiner (2007) “believes wellness in the workplace has economic benefits for organizations, because if workers are healthy they miss less time from work.” Breiner’s theory would increase productivity and profits in the workplace.
Communicating to employees about launching a new Wellness Program in the workplace can be tricky. Sometimes companies have wellness programs and employees are not aware of these programs. According to Chris Cutter, “there are four steps that need to be followed: 1. Develop a pre-launch communications campaign, 2. Create a multilevel wellness team, 3. Test technology systems, 4. Create a workable measurement…

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