The Affordable Care Act Is Constructed By President Obama

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The Affordable Care Act was constructed by President Obama to help transform the health care system. The Affordable Care Act is supposed to implement a system that would reduce the health care costs. This would also improve the efficiency of procedures by eliminating the denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, over 44 Million Americans can’t afford the cost of medical insurance, but the law grants these Americans medical insurance benefits. Before this law was in place, insurance companies could deny patients the medical attention they needed, drop their medical coverage halfway through their treatment, and have a maximum payment they prepared to pay.
The intent of this paper is to explain what the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are and how to build and improve on its principles. Some improvements that can be made in terms of providing the American people with affordable health care as well as increasing the quality of health care and its insurance. I believe that there are five components of the ACA that could change in order to make it better, such as (1) transitioning single payer method; (2) improving the Medicaid program availability; (3) reducing Cost-sharing and Out-of-Pocket limits, improving Minimum Employer Coverage Requirements; (4) refining the network capability principles; and (5) making the enrollment portals more efficient. Both the new president and Congress need to take these issues seriously and correct these problems…
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