The Affordable Care Act Is Surrounded By Numerous Political Circumstances

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The Affordable Care Act is surrounded by numerous political circumstances. The Affordable Care Act has been called by many names such as Obama Care or healthcare overhaul. The healthcare overhaul is one of the rare policies that has been developed, but not tweaked to perfection; it may never be tweaked to satisfy everyone, but it could still improve. According to the article entitled “The Science of Muddling Through” by Charles Lindblom “Policy is not made once and for all; it is made and re-made endlessly” (Lindblom, 1959, pp. 86). The act of policy-making is based on consecutive approximations to some sought after objective in which the ultimately desired objective continuously changes under reconsideration (Lindblom, 1959, pp. 86). Due to the fact, the Affordable Care Act was an overhaul unlike any other in America in regards to healthcare it has received a great deal of attention nationwide. All the attention seems to have gotten people to thinking about our health care system in comparison to others countries health care systems and what is best for the United States. According to Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach. Sixth ed., the United States leads the world in the latest and greatest in medical technology, training and research. Another feature that makes this health system stand out is that is doesn’t automatic cover everyone unlike other health systems. The health care system is a patchwork of various components of other systems. Some
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