The Affordable Care Act ( Obama Care )

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For this reaction paper, I have chosen the topic of whether or not I believe that the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) should be repealed, replaced with something else, or stay in its current form. I believe that Obama Care should be fully repealed. However, I don’t believe that just repealing this legislation is enough. I believe that there should be a series of reforms ready for implementation that follow free market principles and that will restore economic freedom. There are far more cons than pros about Obama Care, which is all the more reason that it needs to be repealed. First of all, in order to get the money to help insure all of the people who have Obama Care there must be more taxes. These taxes are mostly on high-earners and the health care industry, while those sitting at home receiving assistance are unaffected. I am also in total disagreement with the individual mandate. I do not believe that anyone should be required to have health insurance. I do not see anything wrong with paying for something as you need it. Health insurance is a benefit for those who visit the doctor regularly, but I deem it unnecessary for people like me who can count the number of times they’ve been to a doctor on one hand. Another con that weighs heavily on me is how much it cost to fund Obama Care. Over the next ten years it is projected to cost $1.36 trillion, which will require funding from both the taxpayers and the states. Why in the world should we be trying to fund a health…
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