The Affordable Care Act ( Obama Care )

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For this reaction paper, I have chosen the topic of whether or not I believe that the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) should be repealed, replaced with something else, or stay in its current form. I believe that Obama Care should be fully repealed. However, I don’t believe that just repealing this legislation is enough. I believe that there should be a series of reforms ready for implementation that follow free market principles and that will restore economic freedom. There are far more cons than pros about Obama Care, which is all the more reason that it needs to be repealed. First of all, in order to get the money to help insure all of the people who have Obama Care there must be more taxes. These taxes are mostly on high-earners and…show more content…
Although I have only named a few cons of Obama Care, there are more where those came from. With the upcoming election for president, we have a chance at having Obama Care repealed. The presumptive Republican party nominee, Donald Trump, has a plan in place that will be ready to take action if he is elected president. If he is elected president, Congress will be asked to immediately repeal Obama Care. Together Donald Trump and Congress will then work together to implement a series of reforms that follow free market principles. The reforms will restore economic freedom to everyone in this country. Donald Trump’s plan will broaden health care access, make health care more affordable, and improve the quality of the care available. As part of a comprehensive reform effort, the Trump Administration will work to restore faith in government and economic liberty. The first step in the reformation will be to completely repeal Obama Care. The individual mandate must be eliminated because no one should be required to buy insurance unless they want to. The second step of his plan will be to modify the existing law that prevents health insurance being sold across the states. As long as the insurance complies with the state’s regulations, it should be able to be sold there. Next, individuals should be allowed to deduct health insurance premium payments from their tax returns. If businesses are allowed to do
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