The Affordable Care Act Of 2010 Essay

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Introduction President Barack Obama put the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in place in 2010 and it has been utilized since. Obama says, “the Affordable Care Act has made significant progress toward solving long-standing challenges facing the U.S. health care system related to access, affordability and quality of care” (2016). Therefore, the Affordable Care Act of 2010 has been a working progress towards upholding the iron triangle of healthcare, which is cost, quality, and access. During the current election, healthcare reform has been a rousing topic that has raised a lot of support for the candidates and also concern for their future plans. For healthcare administrators, this is important so they can strategically start planning for the election results because the effects on healthcare will be major and will not be able to happen overnight. Hillary Clinton plans to simply modify the Affordable Care Act and add a public option; while on the other hand, Donald Trump wants to abolish the Affordable Care Act entirely and replace it with a health savings account and a high deductible and high premium driven system (HDHP). Both of these possibilities affect healthcare and the iron triangle, but they affect the triangle in different ways, which is important for healthcare administrators to prepare for. Financial Implications Trump and Clinton’s financial implications differ due to what they each want to accomplish. Clinton states that she wants to control health care costs so
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