The Affordable Care Act Of Texas

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The Affordable Care Act in Texas? On July 12, 2012 Texas Governor Rick Perry nullified the Obamacare law in Texas. Going along with 26 other states decisions, Texas has refused in growing or expanding Medicaid with Perry stating that he would not bankrupt his state in direct contradiction to the constitution. Rick Perry had already stated his detest with Obamacare when he compared it with the titanic (Clabough, Raven 2012). Now the government was trying to make the states inforce and expand Medicaid, so of course Rick was not going to accept it. However, was it a really bad idea to refuse Obamacare or the best idea? Before getting into whether it was wrong or right let us start with the history of our health care system. The thought or beginning of a health care plan began in 1935 when Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted to add a health insurance program to the social security plan. However, the court had ruled it out, and nearly declined the approval of the beginning of our social security as well. The first official beginning, or origin, of a health care plan was implemented in 1965 by Lyndon B. Johnson. He signed into law the bill that led to be our Medicare and Medicaid systems. The original Medicare program included Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance) (Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services 2015). After years of studying the laws and works of the original plan. Obama came up with his own version of a healthcare system known as the Affordable Care
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