The Affordable Care Act Of The United States

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The Affordable Care Act Health Policy in the United States Abstract In 2010 during the term of President Barack Obama something needed to be done due to the rise of healthcare costs and the number of people who were uninsured and unable to pay their healthcare bills (ehealthinsurance 2014). United States spent more on healthcare than any other country but yet was only the 34th in life expectancy. These are some of the many reasons why The Affordable Care Act came about and was signed into a health care law. This landmark law impacted and changed many aspects of the healthcare system, as well as influenced everyone’s healthcare options in the United States. The Affordable Care Act has been just about been one of the most…show more content…
One of the side effects from such unpaid visits was a shift in healthcare cost. The cost for health insurance premiums were projected at over $1000 higher in order to compensate for this shift in healthcare cost that was not being paid. Significance History of Current Policy that were Faulty This was also hurting our global effectiveness. Over the years the United States had and currently still is spending more than any other country on healthcare as far as capita basis and percent of Gross Domestic Product (Longest, B. B. 2016). With about 18% of United States GDP spent on health care expenses this left less to be spent on education, housing and community, transportation, food and agriculture, energy and environment, science, and other infrastructures (Potter, W. 2014). This caused the United States to fall behind other countries that could spend more money on other areas than healthcare to gain a global competitive advantage. As if to add insult to injury the United States was also 34th in life expectancy despite having the highest healthcare cost worldwide. People were as good as job locked due to fear of losing affordable health insurance. Insurance companies could also refuse coverage due to pre-existing condition. How Florida was being Impacted The fourth largest state with the fourth peak digit of Medicaid in the country, Florida healthcare spending and
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