The Affordable Care Act Of The United States

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Health care reform is referring to the changes in health care policies. This reform is driven by the high cost of health care and the right to health care. Health care is focusing on exploring and applying the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act addresses delivery issues within the current health care system and is working to improve them. Research is important in the Affordable Care Act in order to help individuals make informed health care decisions. Health care reform can affect the nursing practices at the bedside, influence advanced primary care nurses and their bill of service, and move nursing towards a new direction with the new health care system in the United States. Nursing Practice Nurses have the knowledge, skill,…show more content…
The main problem of this idea is knowing exactly how much one should appropriately pay nurses for their services. This kind of change could be very good for some of the middle and higher registered nurses, but it could negatively impact others at the same time. There are direct and indirect implications of the Affordable Care Act for nursing. Those that are directly related to requirements of nursing and those that will affect nurses through provisions and newfound opportunities that will come up. The largest indirect impact on nurses is the concern regarding the number of primary care physicians available to care for all of the new individuals who will be able to afford health care. Many advanced primary registered nurses are being called to step up and help out with the large number of new patients. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for nurses will result in 3.5 million nursing jobs by 2020. Nurses with strong skills will be in high demand in the labor market as new job opportunities will arise (health reform affect demand). Advanced Practice Nurses One state, Massachusetts, enacted the legislation guaranteeing universal health coverage, this overwhelmed the state’s primary care physicians by a wave of newly insured patients. This resulted in advanced practice nurses because they
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