The Affordable Care Act Or Aca Is A Federal Statute Initiated By President Obama

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The Affordable Care Act or ACA is a federal statute initiated by President Barack Obama, its intended effects were to supply medical coverage at a low cost to millions of Americans who could not afford access to healthcare. There are a variety of economic and scholarly opinions regarding the ACA’s effect on the healthcare market. Many of these viewpoints have changed over the course of Obama’s presidency as the statute began to affect individuals and the healthcare market.
When President Obama was elected to office, he had campaigned on the promise of healthcare reform, and was rallying the government to deliver on that promise. Despite successes in increasing coverage for certain populations in the 1980’s and 1990’s, there was no substantial and sustainable reduction in the number of uninsured. In a speech during a joint session of Congress (2009), and before the signing of the ACA, Obama argued that a high uninsured rate had an impact on the American people, the healthcare system, and the economy. The symptoms of the 1/7 Americans without uninsured in 2008 were: negative impacts on citizens, manifesting in greater financial insecurity, unreasonable barriers to care, general poor health, and preventable deaths; the healthcare system was burdened with billions of dollars in uncompensated care; the labor force became concerned about insurance coverage when seeking education or entrepreneurship. healthcare costs were rising rapidly, from 13% of the economy devoted to…
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