The Affordable Care Act Essay

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To what extent should the Affordable Care Act “Obama Care”, be the responsibility of the Federal government, and not the burden of the state under the guidelines of Federalism? In the past years down to 2008 we the people have heard conflicting arguments about the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obama Care”. Obama Care is a health insurance plan ran by the federal government. A health insurance plan in which everyone in the United States is eligible to have weather you are rich, middle class, and even the starving, hurting, suffering poor people that don’t have enough money to even keep the clothes on their back. Health insurance is when you pay an insurance company a certain amount of money per month and if you were to ever get sick…show more content…
By signing these Acts, "Obama Care" became the biggest overhaul to healthcare reform since Medicare / Medicaid which was signed into law in 1965. We won't get into the specific details of everything that Obama Care does; however, let's take a quick overview of the basics of the Obama Care bill that became "the law of the land.” (Obama care Bill) This is a quote from an article titled “Obama care Bill: Obama Health care bill” it’s about the Bill itself and how this became a bill in the first place. This article has a lot to say, such as the following quote I pulled out is saying when the president signed the affordable care act and when it was put in law. It has also said that when the president signed the patient protection and the affordable care act he also signed the health care and education reconciliation act. The health care and education reconciliation act is a representation of the affordable care act. The following act will help the government with paying for the Affordable Care Act this helping hand was signed by Barrack Obama on the day March 30, 2010, Four days after “Obama care” was signed. This whole deal with president Obama signing

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