The Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a healthcare program created by president Obama’s administration. The goal of the Affordable Care Act is to make sure every United States citizen has health insurance. The Affordable Care Act provides “affordable” health insurance plans to citizens that do not have any and make about $15,000 a year. While the idea of providing health insurance to the millions of American’s that cannot afford it is great, everything comes at a cost. According to Emily Miller, Obamacare is causing people’s health insurance premiums to rise by around 1 to 9 percent (Miller 15-15). Not only are insurance premiums rising, but ever since the Supreme Court declared the Affordable Care Act constitutional approximately 20 tax hikes have been approved (Battersby). All the aforementioned reasons are helping pay for Obamacare. Although providing health insurance for people that cannot afford it is important, the Affordable Care Act should be revoked because it will hurt the economy. Ever since the Affordable Care Act has been implemented it has been described as something that will help the economy. More people with health insurance, more jobs, and a lower national debt were a few things described as results of Obamacare. Unfortunately, the exact opposite has occurred. For starters, the Affordable Care Act is killing full-time jobs. The Affordable Care Act is requiring businesses to provide all employees with health insurance if there is at least fifty
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