The Affordable Care Act : Provide Help With Medical Assistance For Citizens Of This Nation

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The concept behind the Affordable Care Law is to provide help with medical assistance for citizens of this nation. When speaking of help, and concept, the Law supports the health of the nation and the health of the patients who need medical assistance. Even more, another huge concept of the plan is to allow the patients to manage their own health needs, this means not allowing corrupt individuals or organization to take advantage of the less fortune. The Affordable Care Act puts consumers back in charge of their health care (Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, 2015). As mentioned before the Law helps with coverage, costs, and care. The approach of each of the previous terms mean a great deal for the nation. The choice to medical coverage created by the Law offers great additions to the idea of equity, efficiency and effectiveness. Coverage is something brought by the Law, this makes the system fair. The Law offers coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, covers young adults, ends arbitrary withdrawals, and guarantees the right to appeal (Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, 2015). As previously stated, this makes the Law just. Justice is a principle of ethics that includes actions that provide fairness or that address the perception of what a person or community deserves (Morrison & Furlong, 2014). With that fact in mind, it is evident that the Affordable Care Act knows that this nation’s society needs to be treated fairly because they deserve it. Care,
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