The Affordable Care Act Website

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There were multiple technical problems with the Affordable Care Act website (known as In order for people to purchase their health insurance, and understand pertinent health insurance policies, the website needs enhancements. Most recently, since November 2014, changes have been made to the website in order to stem other challenges. For instance, there is less information that new users will have to enter to register for health insurance (Ydstie, 2014). Initially, issues challenges that slowed the website had included bandwidth issues, synchronization issues, support issues, application issues, support issues, requirements definition issues, support issues and security issues.
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According to research, there were fifty-five contractors used to implement the website, perhaps causing development crosstalk problems, in itself (Fountain, 2013). The website was also not set up for customers who wanted to browse prices. If clients did not want to buy a policy, the y had a difficult time weighing their options. This may have caused some of these clients to not purchase the government health insurance that was offered.
The worst issue is that many health care providers reported that they received duplicate applications and many unfinished applications. This is a problem on the Affordable Care Act website side as well as the end user. These setbacks are causing issues for the user as well as the insurance company.
Also, the supportability of the Healthcare website was not user friendly when it was launched. Instead of seamless application completion and few complaints, there were too many glitches for the website to run properly. The user interface (UI) was not very useable. Many early users are still reporting similar issues with the site to this day.
In addition, many requirements definitions could have been fixed, pre-launch. Firstly, developers need to work on the accessibility of the website. In the earliest stages of the website creation, they should have made sure that the UI was input properly and people with hearing, vision, and learning
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