The Affordable Care Act and Emergency Rooms

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The Affordable Care Act and Emergency Rooms Medical reform has been a long standing goal of the more liberal elements of our society. Their vision of universal health care took a step forward with the implementation of Affordable Care Act. Health care facilities, and specifically emergency rooms, already operate under the most stringent guidelines. The new regulatory and financial demands placed upon these facilities created by the Affordable Care Act looks to cause a crisis in medical facility management. Facility administrators are now faced with the challenges of significantly larger patient volumes, smaller staff sizes, rationing directives, and insurance regulatory complexity. The increased number of patients now covered by the Affordable Care Act will have a detrimental effect on hospital emergency rooms and services, creating a significantly larger burden on Health Care Administrators. The American Hospital System In the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century, the average person was treated within their own home for many of the illnesses that now send us rushing off to the doctor’s office or the hospital. Doctors were only called upon for extreme situations or epidemics, and for the most part, they made house calls. This was only possible because of low population densities in early America and the relatively primitive state of medical science. As time passed hospitals began to follow American settlement westward providing more centralized and
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