The Affordable Health Care Act

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The Affordable Health Care Act in Advanced Practice
Kristin Curcione
Daemen College
The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) has been a hot topic of discussion since it was signed into law by the President in March 2010. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the primary upshot of this act was to provide health benefits and access to health insurance to millions of uninsured under the new law. A study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund was released in 2013 identifying 60 percent of the population aged 19-29 did not seek medical care because of cost. Since its acceptance by the Supreme Court to uphold the new law, millions of the formerly uninsured residents can now purse necessary medical treatment when desired. Although there have been numerous controversies as to whether or not the ACA provides greater benefit or harm, the bottom line is as more have coverage, there will be an increased number of consumers for advanced practice nurses and physicians. Even greater of an impact is the way in which reimbursement has been identified. Under this new law, hospitals and physicians are penalized for readmissions in 30 days for the same diagnosis as manifested by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines. As a result, advance practice nurses are being pushed to provide better outcomes.
Quality of care over quantity has become the new healthcare trend. Clinicians are being asked to spend more time assessing patient’s needs and

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