The Affordable Health Care Act

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The United States spends twice as much per citizen for health insurance as any other country in the entire world, but continues to fall behind other countries when it comes to coverage and quality (Rangel, 2011). There are nearly forty-six million uninsured Americans, and millions more have inadequate coverage. The affordable health care act, was designed to help millions of Americans. But, to Americans it is questionable at best. Obamacare is so fundamentally inconsistent that it is taking Americans in the opposite direction of the necessary reforms needed. The root cause for our health care system include misaligned reimbursement policies and incentives, lack of integrated patient care process, and poorly coordinated patient care treatment (Health Care Delivery System Reform, 2015). America cannot build sustainable health reform on a dysfunctional health care system. The United States needs to get rid of Obamacare and pass a new comprehensive reform that makes health care affordable for families, businesses, and the government.
Americas health care dates all the way back to the early 1900s when Teddy Roosevelt and his progressive party endorsed health insurance into their platform (Kaiser). The medical definition for health care is the maintaining and restoration of health by the treatment and prevention of disease especially by trained and licensed professionals (Medical Definition of Health Care). Which includes dentistry, clinical psychology, public health, and

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