The Afghanistan War

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During the Veterans' Day program I saw a lot of veterans from the Afghanistan war. So when given the opportunity to make this project I decided to study the Afghanistan war. This war was started by the terrorist attacks on Sept 11. 2001. The Afghanistan war was the longest ongoing war ever that the United States has been involved in. This war, also known as the “War against Terror,” lasted 13 years. It began on the day of the terrorist attacks on Sept 11, 2001 and officially ended on December 28, 2014.
The only official loss of life during this war that happened on US grounds where those who died in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, this number is estimated at 3880. This number included those who died in hijacked planes, first responders,
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The original conflict in Afghanistan however is when the Taliban gained control in that country. While under the Taliban’s control virtually no girls were allowed to attend school. In Afghanistan over 4,000 of the women who live there are illiterate. It is estimated 70 to 80% of girls were forced into marriage. It is also estimated that 1,000 Afghan civilians have been killed since 2001, as the result of “crossfire, attacks unplanned, explosive devices, assassination, bombing, and night raids into houses of suspected insurgents.” By 2012 the situation had started to improve, there are now 3 million girls now enrolled in school. Along with education, public health has also improved: in 2011 there were 80 new cases of polio reported, in 2013 the number of new reports dropped to 14. In government, there are 69 women in the Afghan Parliament, which is proportionally more than the number in US Congress. One possible reason for the high female ratio is a requirement in their constitution which originally set a quota of at least 27% female representation in parliament. This quota was revised to 20% but is still included in their constitution. In 2010 over 140,000 US troops were present in the country. This was the highest number of US troops involved in the ground war in Afghanistan at any given time. This number does not compare to the total number of people involved in the war. The number of US ground troops has decreased each year until 2014 when there were 38,000 US service men and women involved. But sadly according to an AP tally, 2,224 US troops have been killed in Afghanistan during the war, with more than 1000 international coalition troops
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