The African American And Hispanic Community

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Yes, I do feel that the efforts to gain equal rights and right for traditionally excluded people are still incomplete. Society is still suffering from the after effects of slavery. Although, we as a society are looked at as all human beings with the same life value, it is not that simple. The efforts for everyone to be equal has made a tremendous improvement it still has not done enough to say that we are all equal in society. The African Americans community and Hispanic community are very inferior to the Caucasian community. Society has made it very clear about how they feel about the African American and Hispanic community. The media, television, education is very stereotypical on the “inferior” communities. The media have depicted African Americans as ghetto, uneducated, Drug Lords, crack victims and classless. Hispanics are depicted as only good enough to be a gardener or maid, that all they do is have a lot of children, and that they stand in front of Home Depot. In television shows or movie films African American characters are more likely to have negative characteristics than Caucasians characters. Negative characteristics such as using vulgar profanity: black people are 89 percent, White people are 17 percent, being physically violent: black people are 56 percent, white people are 11 percent, and lacking self-control: black people are 55 percent and white people are 6 percent. African Americans are given harsher punishments the Caucasians that…
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