The African American Civil Rights Movement

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soldier uniform in the daily life for a long time. One time, when he was in the church, priest said him “why did you wear this clown costume”. He described this period as extremely disappointing for him. Another significant circumstance was the African-American civil rights movement in US in those years. Until the age of eighteen, he had never thought about ethnicity or cultural differences. After 1968, African-American movement turned to be seen in Milwaukee. He met with Father Grouppi*, but he did not support him and his followers. For a long time, he had not appreciated the African American civil rights movement. Moreover, he would think that this movement aggravates the racial segregation in society. In contrast, today he thinks differently concerning ethnic discrimination in US. He reported that African-Americans are right in the most cases, and discrimination still exists towards them. However, he still finds over emphasis of cultural or ethnic differences could be harmful to the society in some way. He said that if it is constantly pointed out, people are not able to feel the unity. Life-changing evidence regarding the racial discrimination occurred in Japan in 1987. When he was in Japan for a business trip, one night he went to the karaoke bar for entertainment. In the bar, somehow people understood his ethnicity and many people started yelling at him. For the first time, he recognized what the discrimination means. He felt awful and had an insight about how bad
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