The African American Civil Rights Movement

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The African American civil rights movement was a long journey for African American nationwide. The success involved many people, hardships and time in order to advance the African American community in America. The purpose of the movement was to achieve their rights, cease discrimination, and racial segregation. During the start of the African American civil rights movement, Africans Americans still were faced with Jim Crow laws which segregated them from whites. Under the Jim Crow laws African Americans had different schools, bathrooms, trains, buses and many other things that were separated from the white population. The case, Plessy v. Ferguson went through the U.S. Supreme Court and turned out to make a legal policy “separate but…show more content…
In 1963, Martin Luther King became the most known civil right leader of his time. During this time Martin Luther King gave a speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington. Many whites in the south at this time did not see any racial harmony that King spoke of that would happen (Black History Timeline). Not long after some white supremacist bombed a Baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama killing four young African American girls. The church bombing was the third one Birmingham had in eleven days. This happened a few days after the government started to integrate schools. This was a dangerous time and area to integrate because Birmingham, Alabama had one of the most dangerous and strongest leading KKK (Black History Timeline). Martin Luther King was arrested in Birmingham, Alabama while he was leading supporters of the southern leadership conference. While in jail, King wrote letters that were put into the national press. Police brutality against protesters sent a strong message to local Birmingham people. This helped build good support for the civil rights movement (Black History Timeline). The March on Washington is were Dr. Martin Luther King gave his I have a dream speech. The March on Washington advocated for jobs and freedoms for African American people (Black History Timeline). This event gather a large number of people and civil rights
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