The African-American Civil War

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Introduction In the mid-1800s, the Civil War has started for the fight for slavery and the state laws verses the federal laws. The north wanted to have free slavery and to have a federal Government, while the south wanted slavery to progress and have their own state laws. Many of the men died throughout the war. It was the bloodiest battle in American history with a casualties around 1,264,000 American Soldiers. Slavery and the fight for federal and state laws is main reason of why the war started and all those men lost their lives to an argument that ended brutal. The Life of African-Americans during the mid to late 1800s is difficult because of their rights being limited from the whites and treated not equally. African Americans Civil Rights Throughout the war, African-Americans had to go through disrespect and not be able to do…show more content…
They have to use Black Codes to get the items they need to live. “In the 1890s, the first created dance of derision by African-Americans was named “Contestants for the Cakewalk Crown.” It was to mock the mannerisms of the Slaveholder Society.” (Palmer 575) “In the years following the Civil War, major adjustment problems gripped the south, where both races faced new situations. For African-Americans, freedom was an experience to be tasted and tested; for southern whites, black freedom was a challenge to be circumscribed and, where possible, checked.” (Hoogenboom 5) The only hope that the African-Americans had was to be in the north, that’s where the blacks had their freedom. People that helped the African Americans in the mid to late
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