The African American Culture

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War, poverty, global tension and abuse has happen since the dawn of mankind, why does this trend happen and still alive even to this day? The reason is because as people tend to be selfish, arrogant, and try to be over others at any cost. This world is divided in sections due to believes and color, what if the world no longer was like that? Could this be the solution to everything if humanity would look beyond skin and location and more on how to help out? If so the first step towards this goal would be educating the youth to look beyond color and to always aspire for greatness no matter their roots. Research topic The topic of GPA by race interested me for many reasons. The main reason
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Even though Hispanics were viewed more highly than Blacks they were still treated poorly. They worked for barely any pay for hours and their kids went to separate schools. After many court cases such as the “Delgado” case Hispanic children were allowed to go to white schools, Cesar Chaves in the other hand was able to increase wages for many field workers. Just like the African Americans, Hispanics are bran new to the idea of education, thus many families still have their children working at such an early age. The Hispanic culture is a rich culture, “Hispanic families are close-Knit and the most important social unit” (Hispanic culture). For this very reason “Hispanics have a sense of obligation to provide material and emotional support to members of nuclear and external family” (Hispanic Culture). How does this affect GPA you might wonder? Well because of this feeling of obligation most younglings tend to work or else they are considered lazy or unproductive. Working during school results in difficulty for getting school assignments done which make a student look bad, in some cases students are forced to drop out to help the family out economically. This might seem harmless to many, but the reality is this happens quite often, and sadly these young men/women will have a family of their own and due to low education levels most will not have a stable fanatical life, thus resulting in a constant cycle of low education levels between the Hispanic cultures. This is almost becoming a norm to where students don’t even try because they know that they will be forced to do what their family does for a living to support fanatically stability. Even though this is not true for every Hispanic, the reality is that this is a very real life event that happens so
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