The African Burial Ground Museum

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The African Burial Ground Museum is quite an extraordinary place. Upon entering I was immediately struck by the warm colors and dim lighting. This combined with its relatively small size creates an intimate setting which complimented the somber nature of the subject matter. Naturally the museum is filled with hundreds of intriguing artifacts. However, it was the exhibit entitled "Gathering at Dusk to Lay Loved Ones to Rest" which truly commanded my attention. The exhibit is located in the center of the museum, and serves as the emotional heart of the facility. The exhibit captures the bitter moments before the lowering of two coffins into the ground. The burial service is conducted for and by African Slaves. The scene takes place at dusk because slaves could only bury their loved ones before the sunset or after their work had been completed. It consisted of five incredibly life like, full scale statues. There were two men, two women and a young girl. They had formed an imperfect circle around two stacked wooden coffins. The sight of the top coffin which undoubtedly contained the remains of a child, sent shivers down my spine. I could not divert my eyes from the exhibit. I found myself staring for what seemed like minutes at the statute of the older woman fiercely embracing the small girl. The girl 's face is riddled with agony. However, the older woman has a strong stern face, with a resolute expression. She appears to be gazing
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